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7 Day Writing To Heal Challenge! Cultivating Self-Compassion ~ Day 3

7 Day Writing To Heal Challenge

Cultivating Self-Compassion

Day 3


Today, I am excited to share about one of my favorite tools for transformation and healing.  It is also one that can be misused or utilized in a way that sets us up for feelings of failure if we don’t consider the full scope of the practice. Writing offers a way to really utilize this technique. It’s AFFIRMATIONS!

Affirmations offer a powerful tool for transformation and healing. To affirm means to “make firm” and with regards to affirmations that making firm is a quality, energy or message you are working to cultivate.  Affirmations offer a way to change our inner dialogue, in a sense to short-circuit the unconscious messages or tapes that are always playing in our minds and to create new ones. This practice can transform our attitudes and our expectations.  It can also show us the negative or unconscious messages that we are carrying within us.  Affirmations can be done silently, spoken aloud, written down or even chanted. They can be posted in places you will see them, tucked in hidden places where you will find them unexpectedly or recorded so you can listen to them repeatedly.

Affirmations offer a technique to begin to transform energy and shift our feelings, patterns and beliefs.  I feel they work essentially on two levels and it’s important to include both aspects when working with affirmations to get the most benefit.  And, writing can really help us in exploring this fully…

1. Affirmations help to bring in an energy or feeling that we wish to cultivate, e.g. love, peace, joy, etc.

2. What arises when we work with affirmations shows us the feelings, patterns and beliefs, which are keeping us stuck and in pain.

This two-fold process can be a powerful way to uncover the voices of inner critic and work to transform them. There are many ways to work with affirmations including mirror work, repeating out loud, making a recording, creating a piece of artwork and of course, writing!

Daily Prompt

For today’s exercise, since our focus is on Cultivating Self-Compassion, I am going to suggest you use an affirmation similar to one of these:

  • I love myself.
  • I love and approve of myself.
  • I love myself completely as I am.
  • I am beautiful and lovable however I am feeling.
  • I am deserving of love. 

If one pops out you might like to jump in and use it.  Or, you can begin by free-writing a list of potential affirmations that relate to cultivating love and compassion for yourself.  Creating your own affirmations helps you to feel connected to it and amplifies the energy around it, so if you don’t do this today, add it to your Writing To Heal toolbox for the future!

Once you have chosen an affirmation for today’s exploration, get out a blank sheet of paper.  One the front side you will begin to write the affirmation repetitively.  This is cultivating the positive energy.  Whenever you notice a “response”, you will simply turn the paper over and write down whatever that is.  For example, you may have a voice that says, “this is selfish, to take the time for myself”, you may feel tightness in your shoulders or a headache coming on, or you may feel a wave of sadness or even tears come over you.  Jot down on the back of the page, any and all responses that you have.  Then, return to the front and continue writing your affirmation until you have another response or complete one whole side of a page.  You may even like to do this on more than one sheet. 

A few things to consider.  It’s good to take your time with this; it’s not about speed writing but actually noticing what’s arising and so sometimes slowing it down helps. Be gently and loving with yourself – lots can come up and sometimes you are just grooving on the affirmation itself. It’s all a process.

Yesterday, we explored lists or catalogs and this response list can be a great one to keep and add to your journal. You may wish to take time to write more about each one at some point – what does it feel like?, where does it come from, how might you begin to address it or respond to it in a loving, nurturing way?

One of my favorite Zen teachers, Cheri Huber, who teacher and writes a lot about working with our critical voices, suggests responding in this way when you notice a critical voice, “Is that so, how do you know that?” .  Responding in itself and questioning it, rather than just letting it have it’s way, begins to diffuse the power of this voice.  Another list you may wish to write is a list of responses to your own critical voices.  It may be a blanket list or you may wish to create a response for each voice that you identify that stops it in it’s tracks!  Be curious and explore!

Also, you may like to put your affirmations on Post-Its and put them in various places so you will see them throughout the day such as on your mirror or on the dashboard of your car.

Until tomorrow.

Love & light,

Beth Shekinah

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