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Bach Flower Remedies For 2012 Transitions – Walnut

There are many different ideas about what 2012 is all about.  Whether we look at the Mayan Calendar, various Native American interpretations or our own experiences of living on earth at this time, it is clear that we are in a time of great change and transformation.  How this change manifests is uncertain, however there is the sense of tremendous movement both inwardly and outwardly.  It is clear that we are experiencing many changes personally, socially and globally.

In a spiritual sense, there is a strong pull or perhaps even push toward moving into the energy of the heart and into greater alignment with our world.  There are many ways that we are out of harmony with life, with our Mother Earth and with our fellow beings. As my teacher Shaman Ross Bishop often says, “You are going home one way or another; I’d rather that you “choose” to go as it will be a lot easier.”  At this point in our world, it’s hard to know what “easier” would look like as we seem so far out of alignment in so many ways – environmentally, socially, economically, etc.  Still, we have the ability to choose to change.

I sometimes find myself feeling like “it’s just too late or things have gone too far” for the changes that need to happen to actually occur.  I know others may feel this way, too.  For me, I have a sense this is a very old pattern, maybe one that goes beyond this lifetime, but at the very least has been present in my current life experiences.  This is clearly a belief or pattern I need to let go of as it can keep me limited and from making greater choices toward change.  Often, it can be easy to focus on what is going on outside in the world and not be willing to look within.  I may not be able to change anything that is happening in the world today, but I can change how I respond to what is happening and how I choose to live and be in the world.

Many people living in our modern world have experienced a powerful sense disconnection from Mother Earth.  Although it may vary from culture to culture and location to location for many of us it requires choice to actually cultivate and sustain a connection with the earth at this time.  It takes work and effort to keep the big picture of our world in our consciousness.  Going out and spending time in nature is a powerful way to connect.  But, as we go about our daily lives, especially for those who may live in more suburban or urban areas, this can be challenging.  Thankfully, Mother Earth has given us many gifts that can help us in cultivating our connection to nature in any moment.  Some of these include herbal & plant medicine, stones & crystals, ceremony & ritual, energy practices and one of my favorite tools, flower essences.

There are many varieties of flower essences that are available at this time and benefits vary.  It is really a personal choice as to which types of remedies to work with.  Both personally and professionally, I have found the Bach Flower Remedies to be one of the most powerful tools available for supporting emotional and spiritual healing.  I can honestly say that in many ways, I am the person I am today, in part because of my use and relationship with the Bach Flower Remedies and Dr. Bach’s teachings.   They have helped me to move through many transitions and to create the changes I have felt called to make in my life, some of which I never imagined were possible.

The Bach Flower Remedies are highly beneficial for supporting change and transition.  The repertoire of 38 remedies, developed by the British physician and visionary Dr. Edward Bach, assists in transmuting emotions and personality traits which prevent us from moving into greater harmony with our soul purpose.  Dr. Bach, who was man of science, was also highly intuitive.  He was able to connect with nature to correlate the energy or vibration of certain flowers with various emotions or personally traits.  Over the years, he developed 38 remedies, which he felt was a complete system of healing.  Since it’s creation, it has been used by people all over the world to support healing and change in a variety of ways.

The remedies work similarly to homeopathic medicine; they are working on a vibrational or energetic level rather than medicinally, like an herb or drug.  In essence, each remedy is flooding our energy field with a vibration that helps to transmute something we are experiencing – this may be an emotion such as fear or a pattern such as perfectionism.  As our field is flooded with more positive or harmonious vibrations, we begin to transform energetically.  The remedies are created by two methods, either sun soaking and boiling the flowers to distill the essence of the flower.  This water is then combined with brandy into what is known as a mother tincture.

The essences that we find in our health food store are made from the mother tincture.  They carry the vibrational qualities of nature and in taking the remedies, we are able to connect more fully with nature wherever and whenever we choose to.  This is one of the many benefits of the Bach Flower Remedies or any flower essence.  At this time, it is highly beneficial to have such a tool, which we can carry with us in our purse or pocket.  It can support holding a stronger connection with Mother Earth wherever we may be.

By their very nature all of the remedies support transition, energetic alignment and ease of well-being.  In treating, each person often has 5 – 7 remedies that may be beneficial at a given time based on the emotions and experiences that are at the surface for them.  A custom blend is a common way of working with remedies, however taking a single remedy may be beneficial as well.

In my personal experience and work with clients over the last year, I have found several remedies to be beneficial for the transitions we are currently experiencing.  If I were to choose a remedy to be the remedy of 2012, I would choose Walnut.  Overall, it is considered the remedy of change and transition.   All of the remedies will support creating change and easing our transitions, however Walnut has some specific effects in these areas.  Dr. Bach shared the following words about the Walnut remedy:

“For those who have definite ideals and ambitions in life and are fulfilling them, but on rare occasion are temped to be led astray from their own ideas, aim, and work by the enthusiasm, convictions, or strong opinions of others.  This remedy gives constancy and protections from outside influences.”[i]

“Walnut is the remedy of advancing stages, teething, puberty, change of life.  For the big decisions made during life, such as change of religion, change of occupation, change of country.  The Remedy for those who have decided to take a great step forward in life, to break old conventions, to leave old limits and restrictions and start on a new way.  This often brings with it physical suffering because of slight regrets, heart-breakings, at the severance of old ties, old associations and old thoughts.  A great spell-breaker, both of things of the past commonly called heredity, and circumstances of the present.”[ii]

It is clear that Walnut provides a powerful support as we move through changes in life, from one stage to another, but is also has other properties that can really support staying centered and grounded as we move about in the world.  Just as the shell of the walnut is very hard and protects it’s softer center, the Walnut essence helps to strengthen and stabilize our energy field so that we are more able to hold our center and engage in the world with clarity, focus and intention.  In a sense, Walnut offers a shielding quality that helps us in holding center, maintaining our choices and flowing with changes that are occurring both inwardly and outwardly.  I am also struck by how much the center of the Walnut resembles the shape of the heart and have a sense of Walnut being a heart protector, not in a way that shuts down the heart but actually supports its opening more fully through the energetic alignment of soul purpose.

Walnut has many benefits, which I feel really support our ability to move through the transitions of 2012 and beyond.  Here are some of the ways in which it can help us to sustain our choices and intentions:

  • Provides a shielding quality that supports creating & maintaining our boundaries and borders
  • Helps protects us from outside influences
  • Eases emotional and energetic sensitivity
  • Helps to adapt to periods of change and transition
  • Helps to let go of or break old patterns, limiting beliefs and core issues which no longer serve
  • Aids in resolving dysfunction stemming from family of origin
  • Helps acclimate to new ways of being, such as new phases of life, work, family, etc.
  • Supports spiritual transformation and growth
  • Protects from influence of suppressive energies or parasitic infestations (including physical, mental, emotional & spiritual)
  • Supports finding and holding our center and connecting more fully to our soul purpose

Whether we actually choose to work with the Walnut essence or other remedies, we can learn from the energetic quality of Walnut.  At this time it is important to find ways to move through transitions more fluidly, to hold our center, to let go of patterns no longer serving us and to find ways to deepen our connect with our soul purpose.

I hope you will take some time to explore how you are moving in the world at this time.  Do you need to take time to connect with nature?  Do you need to spend more time going within?  Or, to find tools which support transformation and ease of well-being?  Do you have a clear sense of your soul purpose at this time?  What choices you are making or would you like to be making to engage in the world in a more intentional way?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and reflections.

[i] Bach, Edward. The Twelve Healers, p. 17.

[ii] Chancellor, Phillip.  The Bach Flower Essences, p. 201.

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