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Feeding Your Demons®

Perhaps everything terrible in us is, in its deepest being, something helpless needing our help.

~ Rainer Maria Rilke

3-Month Immersion Experience Including Individual and Group Sessions
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Feeding Your Demons® is powerful and transformative compassion process for facing and dissolving fears, obstacles, and emotional challenges.

Hearing the word “demon” may sound a scary, but it is something as human beings that we all face. Demons can be anything that drains our energy or challenges us – from physical illness or pain to difficult emotions, relationships or patterns keep repeating over and over again, such as addiction or perfectionism. Fighting with or “battling our demons” is a common term, yet it’s rare that this approach works. And, often in our ongoing struggles, we become resistant to our challenges, which can lead us into greater pain and suffering.

Feeding Your Demons® takes a different approach.

By our willingness to connect, face and “feed” our demons with compassion, we become able to help them transform. This is an alchemical experience, which opens us to our inner wisdom and allies who can help us to continue healing and moving toward positive growth. It is through a process of turning toward our discomfort rather than avoiding or pushing it away that we can ultimately find the field of being where our inner peace lies.

A Process of Transformation, Healing & Integration

Feeding Your Demons® is a process for transformation, healing and integration. Through this program, you will:

  • transform your demons of anger, depression, anxiety, fear, illness into allies
  • become empowered to fearlessly face life’s challenges
  • learn how to navigate through confusion to discover spacious clarity
  • develop a foundation in personal transformation and healing practices
  • experience a radical and transformative practice of reintegration
With roots in the ancient Buddhist shamanic practice of Chod, Feeding Your Demons® offers a secular approach that has many benefits to support body, mind, emotion and spirit. Recent research on this process is shining a light on its many benefits, ones that practitioners have long-known through direct experience. It’s a perfect example of where Science meets Spirituality! Some examples of the researched benefits include decreases in depressive symptoms and lower levels of stress; and increased satisfaction with life, self-compassion and self-regulation. (Source: Goldin, Ekman & Braun, Tara Mandala, 2022).

How it Works

This 3-Month Program includes:

  • Monthly One-on-One Feeding Your Demons Process® sessions via Zoom (3)
  • Monthly Group Feeding Your Demons Process® Sessions (3)
  • Co-Visioning Group Sessions
  • A Virtual Community Membership Connection Space
  • Journaling Prompts and Check-ins
  • 10% Discount on additional One-on-One Sessions and Programs, and other courses purchased during participation in the 3-month program

Cost: $397 or 3 Payments of $139

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Beth Shekinah Terrence ~ Your Feeding Your Demons® Facilitator...

Beth Shekinah Terrence, MS, is a Shaman and Facilitator. She is a certified as a Feeding Your Demons®  facilitator for individuals and groups. Feeding Your Demons® has been one of Beth Shekinah’s core personal practices for over a decade. She was first introduced to this compassion practice by one of her shamanic teachers as way to support her own healing journey and as foundation as a shamanic practitioner. She is thrilled to be able to share this amazing process with her community through individual sessions and a 3-Month Immersion Experience Program. Learn more about Beth Shekinah…


Origins of Feeding Your Demons® 

The Feeding Your Demons® process was developed for Westerners by Lama Tsultrim Allione and draws upon an ancient Tibetan Buddhist shamanic practice originated by the legendary yogini, Machig Labdron. It is a powerful secular approach that serves as a meaningful transformational tool for anyone, regardless of religious affiliation or personal philosophy. This method is as effective today as it was ancient times offering a timeless doorway to healing and freedom.