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As we allow our heart wisdom and compassion to be our guide, powerful, new, and unimagined possibilities emerge.

~ Beth Shekinah Terrence

Welcome to the Heart of Awakening Blog!

Remembering the big picture, and living the full truth of who we are, is essential for creating transformation, healing and integration in our lives, our relationships and our world. Living from the heart is the foundation that allows us to embody life as a spiritual and alchemical process. With this anchor, we can awaken our soul’s path and deeper purpose, individually and collectively, too. 

I invite you to come explore the Heart of Awakening with me! Be open, be curious and most of all, enjoy your journey!

I always love hearing from you. Feel free to share your comments, reflections and questions as your heart guides you.

Love & light,

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I’ve been on a spiritual and healing journey for my whole life. I began to study reflexology, yoga and meditation in my early teens.

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