Shaman & Holistic
Transformation Facilitator

One-On-One Sessions & Programs

If you ask the Universe to be your partner and guide you on the path to wholeness, it will oblige.

~ Debbie Ford

I embrace a holistic approach to working with individuals — one that supports body, mind, emotion and spirit, and results in a personal roadmap to your unique vision for your life, work, relationships and place in the larger world.

At the heart of my work is shamanism, an ancient practice that offers a powerful gateway to healing, transformation, and soul-centering. It can help you to open the door to a new way of being, one that is guided by authenticity, intention and connection.

All of my sessions and topic-centered programs are collaborative experiences tailored to you. I’m here to guide, and support. I offer tools and practices to facilitate change and help you to cultivate a deep sense of connection that restores wholeness, resilience and well-being.

While the work we do together will be focused around any area you wish, it is likely to fall into one of three categories:

Healing & Trauma

Transformation & Integration

Soul-Centering & Leadership

During my 25 years as a healing practitioner, I’ve found that an integrative approach is most ideal. So, along with Shamanic Healing, I incorporate additional holistic, spiritual and restorative modalities as needed or requested, including:

  • Bach Flower Remedies
  • Feeding Your Demons®
  • Meditation & Mindfulness Practices
  • Energy & Body Therapies including Zero Balancing, Craniosacral Therapy, Reflexology, Reiki and Bodybreath Healing™
  • PEER™ Emotional Energy Recovery
  • Holistic Self-Care and Lifestyle Restructuring
  • Addiction & Mental Health Recovery Coaching

All of my one-on-one sessions and programs begin with a DISCOVERY phase during which we set a course that best meets your needs. The journey of discovery helps me to know you and is also self-reflective leading you into deeper awareness about yourself.

This then opens the doorway to a shamanic or energetic PROCESS to support your focus and desire for change. Each session is customized, and processes vary based on what is present and being called to be worked on.

Finally, we spend some time on INTEGRATION. By absorbing and exploring what you’ve experienced and learned, we identify how you can carry this soul “medicine” back into your daily life to support sustained transformation and healing.

To learn more about one on one sessions and programs or to get started right away, schedule a complimentary phone or Zoom consultation with me. I look forward to exploring how I can support you on your journey!