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Introducing the Feeding Your Demons® Immersion Experience 

I am excited to introduce my brand new virtual program, the Feeding Your Demons® Immersion Experience.

Feeding Your Demons® powerful secular compassion practice developed by Lama Tsultrim Allione, with roots in ancient Buddhist shamanic traditions. It has been at the heart of my personal spiritual and healing work for over a decade. I was introduced to it by one of my shamanic teachers as a tool for inner work. It’s been a dream to bring this incredible process to my community; and one of the gifts that came during the pandemic was an opportunity to become a certified Feeding Your Demons® facilitator.

As I’ve been integrating this work into my shamanic healing sessions with individual clients, I’ve witnessed incredible changes and a level of deep integration. For some time now, I’ve felt to create a program that combines individual and group sessions as well as a community connection space with weekly checkins and journaling prompts. The Feeding Your Demons® Immersion Experience is a 3-month program that offers you a container to work on transforming, healing and integrating life’s challenges, pains and traumas from “demons” into “allies” individually and in community.

You’ll gain insight and understanding into the the things that drain you or cause you pain and discomfort and begin to access helpful energies and strengths within yourself. Your allies may come in the form of spirit guides, ancestors, angels, animal totems or any energy that supports you in transformation and healing. You’ll learn how to allow your inner wisdom and guidance system to be an active force for change in your life on a daily basis.

I invite you to check out this introductory video to learn more or visit to get all the program details or to register.

The doors are open – you can join anytime! AND there is an Early Bird offering if you register by December 29th. Come explore what’s possible!

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