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Join Me For A Free Teleseminar ~ An Attitude Of Gratitude On 11/25


An Attitude Of Gratitude:

Improving Health & Well-Being In Our Lives & Our World 

Free Teleseminar

Tuesday, 11/25 at 12 PM ET

As we move closer to Thanksgiving and the holiday season, it is a natural time to explore gratitude in our lives. The are many ways to practice Gratitude and many benefits as well. Practice is more than just a feeling, it is an active state of being. When we speak about practice, whether it be exercise, meditation or gratitude practice, we know there can be many obstacles to developing a new practice or sustaining an ongoing one.

Spiritual traditions have honored the practice of gratitude for thousand of years and now science is getting on board as well.  There are a number of ongoing research projects on gratitude which suggest that there are many benefits of this practice for health and well-being.   Join me for an exploration of Gratitude practice as a resource for transforming our lives and our world.

Our time will include:

  • Gratitude as a tool for transformation and healing
  • Benefits of Gratitude practice on health and well-being including recent scientific research findings
  • Ways to cultivate a Gratitude practice during the holiday season and in daily life

I hope you will join me for this free teleseminar!

A replay recording will be available for all registered participants.

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