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Leo Season 2023: Cultivating Creativity, Connection & Self-Expression

Leo Season: Cultivating Creativity, Confidence & Self-Expression & E3 Live Video

July 22nd – August 23rd, 2023

Leo Associations

      • Ruler ~ Sun

      • Element: Fire

      • Mode: Fixed

      • Archetypes: The King or Queen, The Performer, The Child (Playfulness)

    This month in my Energetic Explorations for Evolution Facebook Community group, our theme for Leo Season is Cultivating Creativity, Confidence & Self Expression. I invite you to explore some reflections on the theme below as your journey through this time and/or watch the YouTube of our E3 Live recorded on July 26th with co-host Andrea Hylen. If you feel called, come join our E3 Facebook Community Group!

    As Leo energy takes center stage, it illuminates our path toward genuine self-expression, encouraging us to cultivate our relationship to our creativity, to our life force, to our inner sacred fire. It is a natural response to the inner pull that Cancer season brought.

    Having gained insight and energy from connecting with the well of our inner essence and our intuition through its relationship with our emotional body, our internal self-image was forming or redefining itself. We emerge from those watery depths with the energy of fixed fire asking to move out and allow our self-expression to stand tall. We are ready to express ourselves in the world and to shine our light.

    Leo is ruled by the Sun, the center of our solar system. It is always reminding us of our connection to the source of life, to universal energy, and to the creative power at the heart of everything. Through Leo, we actualize our own creative potential, and we learn to take space with confidence, without making ourselves either smaller or bigger than we actually are. Leo season encourages us to shine and to dare to allow ourselves be seen exactly as we are.

    This time offers us an invitation to invest more time and energy into what we enjoy doing, into what we are passionate about, into what lights us up and fills us with joy. 

    This year the invitation is heightened by Venus moving into retrograde in Leo. Venus is the planet of love and beauty, we connected with in Taurus season. During a retrograde period, the usual outward influence of a planet is turned inward. For instance, during Mercury Retrograde, as the planet of communication and information, miscommunications and technical glitches tend to surface. 

    As the planet of love, aesthetics, and beauty, Venus Retrograde puts its pressure on areas of love, romance, and beauty. Relationships can come under the microscope. Old relationships, lovers, or friends, may resurface, especially if there may be some unfinished business. So, Venus in retrograde in Leo is bringing our relationships, passions, and larger life goals under the spotlight. It can be a time for re-evaluating our values.

    As it journeys through Leo, it is also amplifying Leo’s invitation to invest more time and energy into what we enjoy doing, into what we are passionate about, into what lights us up and fills us with joy. 

    As we explore the theme of creativity, confidence, and self-expression, we may find a need for receiving attention, which is very Leonisian itself.

    So, this Leo season there is a bit of dance between outer and inner. Leo’s desire to move our self-expression outward and shine our light. And Venus is retrograding invitation for reflection, not action. 

    So, as you explore with Leo, take time to connecting with your heart, explore doing some mirror work and most of all, be sure to reflect on your values and what you love. 

    Some things you may wish to explore and reflect on during this Leo Season:

        • What is it that your love to do? What are you most passionate about? What lights you up?

        • How to you connect with the creative force of the universe that exists with you?

        • What values are important to you in your self-expression and how you create your life in the world?

        • What values are most meaningful to you in your relationships?

        • Explore if your current life expression in alignment with those values? How might you need to shift things to create greater alignment?

      Another area of focus that may be beneficial to explore is transforming your inner critic into your inner ally. Doing mirror work can be a place to affirm positively our worthiness and self-love and come into deeper relationship with ourselves. And it can also bring up shadow aspects we are holding that are often expressed as the inner critic or judge.

      Use your writing and journaling to capture their voices. Then do some inner work during this time to being to transform them. You may wish to create positive affirmations to support your transformational process. Imagine creating a new version of you and vision for your life filled with everything you love. This often requires that we shift some of the old programming that keeps us small or from shining our light in the world.

      That’s a gift that this time can bring – it can help us reconnect to our inner children and that playfulness that reawakens when we transform the inner critic into an inner ally.

      Depending on our own life journey, experiences with trauma or other challenges, it may or may not be a time to be moving outward. Most of all, be gentle and loving with yourself as you explore and practice.

      Remember Leo is inviting us to shine outwardly and roar like the Lion, but Venus is asking us to turn and look within. Your journey is to find how to dance with these energies in your own unique way.

      Enjoy the journey!

      If you’d like support along the way, I invite you to contact me for a complimentary consultation to explore what’s possible!


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