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Libra Full Moon aka the Pink Moon April 6th, 2023

We’re just a day away from the upcoming full moon being exact at 16 degrees Libra on April 6th, 2023, at 12:34 AM EDT but we’re already basking in its glow! Lovingly known as the “Pink Moon” (like the blooms of Spring), this full moon in Libra is all about connecting and partnering with others and embracing collaboration and compromise. And it’s happening in the month of Aries, which is a much more self-focused energy. So, there’s definitely a dance happening as there almost always is at the time of the full moon.

Full Moons can stir up a lot. There is an expansion of energy as the moon has been growing day by day since the new moon. It can be a perfect time to release what no longer serves you. This can include feelings, patterns, beliefs, relationships, and even things. Especially in the season of Spring when there is extra attention to “cleansing” inwardly and outwardly. And it’s a powerful time to tune in to the natural rhythms of life and re-align our energy with intention and focus.

Generally, the moon’s placement rules the emotional tone of the day and so based on the sign it is in, it will affect us in different ways. This includes collective impact as well as how our own astrological blueprint presents. At the time of the full moon, the energy of the moon is amplified. I would almost say that when the moon is opposite the sun, that in a way it’s like a sun itself – with its bright luminous light it has the power to activate and burn off energy that no longer is needed. 

The Pink Moon in Libra is ruled by Venus. It shines a light on relationships and partnerships; and invites us to connect with what we love in life. It helps to connect to our hearts and reminds us that speaking from the heart is a way to connect with others more deeply. It also helps to awaken our compassion and our openness to other’s perspectives by honoring our differences. And of course, it supports our self-compassion, too!

Energetically, the scales of Libra help to restore balance but, in the process, it can bring about emotional turmoil as it is recalibrating our ‘scales of equanimity’. We may find ourselves needing to compromise or be more cooperative or at the very least have the awareness of how approaching others in this way can affect change in our relationships. As we listen to our heart more deeply, we can create boundaries that support us in healthy ways so that we can foster peace within ourselves that will ripple out into our relationships and the world. 

There is a powerful dance happening between our desire for love and connection, and our need for boundaries. The two are not mutually exclusive!  Yet, at times it can feel that way. There may be outer boundaries we need to consider, and this time can support creating stronger boundaries through the fortification of our energy system. Libra offers us an opportunity to reassess the two and explore how we can cultivate greater balance in our lives, our relationships.

I invite you to reflect on your connections and relationships during this Libra Full Moon. And remember, this includes your relationship with yourself. Here are some questions to explore:

  • Notice which relationships nourish you and which ones drain you?
  • Where do you need to create more balance or redefine boundaries?
  • Are there relationships it may be time to let go of or that really need to shift in some way to support your peace and well-being?
  • Are your relationships supporting your soul path or do you need to explore new relationships that are more in alignment for you at this time of renewal?
  • What feelings, patterns or beliefs is it time to set the intention of letting go so that you can create space to come into deeper alignment with self and others?
  • What does your heart want you to hear right now? Ask for guidance on how you can attune to your heart’s wisdom to support you today…

You may wish to reflect on these questions over the next few days through inquiry or doing some journaling. It can also be beneficial to create a ceremony or ritual to support your intentions and to harness the full moon energy for your highest good. Perhaps you already have some practices you use. Here are some suggestions for creating ceremony and ritual:

Libra energy also stimulates our desire for beauty. It’s a good time to spend out in nature, to garden or beautify your home. It’s the perfect time for Spring planting and cleaning – inside and out! 

As always, I’d love to hear your reflections or experiences of how you work with this Libra Full Moon energy. 

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Beth Shekinah

Beth Shekinah Terrence is a Shaman and Transformational Facilitator. She's been working professionally in the field of holistic health and wellness for 27 years. Shamanic Healing, an ancient form of spiritual healing with roots in indigenous wisdom traditions, is at the heart of the integrative and holistic approach to life and well-being that she is passionate about bringing to others through her writing, one-on-one sessions, workshops and classes as well as community programs.

Beth Shekinah is committed to supporting individuals, communities and organizations in cultivating connection, compassion and awakening.

She lives in Annapolis, Maryland, USA with her loving partner Mario and two kitties, Paolo & Xena. When she's not working with her clients or writing, you can find her wandering in the woods, lying on her hammock looking up at the sky or having tea with a good friend!

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