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Loving Ourselves: A Key to Change & Healing

Hello Beautiful Beings!

I’m in the process of revamping my website. It’s almost done, so stay tuned!

Going forward, I will be incorporating some of the resources previously shared in different areas of the site into the Heart of Awakening blog. Perhaps you’ve explored this topic already or maybe right now is the perfect time to dive into, Loving Ourselves: A Key To Transformation & Healing.

The presentation touches on the following topics and more…

  • Why loving ourselves is a powerful key to creating transformation and healing in our lives
  • Obstacles that prevent us from embodying greater love and compassion for ourselves and for others inlacing limiting patterns, feelings and beliefs
  • Experiential practices that support cultivating love and compassion and create a deep sense of connection
  • Creating a plan to utilize loving oneself as a foundation tool for transformation and healing in an ongoing way

I hope you enjoy the exploration. As always, feel free to post your experiences and reflections in the comments below. And look out for more resources coming soon!

Love & light,

Beth Shekinah

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