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Metta For Mother Earth ~ Happy Earth Day!

“All nature that we behold is the mother aspect of God, because in nature we find beauty, gentleness, and kindness. The flowers, birds, and the beauties of nature all speak of the Mother aspect of God-the creative motherly instinct of God. When we look at all the good things in nature, we feel a tenderness rise within us; we can see and feel God in nature.

The Divine Mother is so beautiful! But remember, in Her higher manifestation even that beauty is formless. She is in everything. Her divine, compassionate love is expressed in the raindrops. Her beauty is reflected in the colors of the rainbow. She offers fresh hope to mankind with the rose-tinted clouds at dawn.

Above all, be ever conscious of Her presence in your heart.” 

– Paramahansa Yogananda


May Is For Metta 2015 is coming soon to a cushion near you! One of the beautiful practices that has emerged during each May Is For Metta is being able to celebrate Mother’s Day during our practice period; a part of that practice has been offering Metta for our Mother Earth.  Since Earth Day is today, I thought what better way to celebrate here on HOA than to offer a simple Metta practice to honor our Earth Mother.

Metta For Mother Earth

Find a comfortable position either sitting on a chair with feet flat on the floor or sitting on the floor cross-legged with a cushion below.  Have your spine straight but not tense, shoulders and stomach relaxed, your hands on your knees or your lap.  Gently close your eyes.

Take a few moments to settle in. Bring your awareness to your breath without deepening or changing it – simply notice the in and out breaths for a few cycles. 

Spend a few moments generating the energy of loving-kindness and compassion for yourself.  Think of a moment when you felt held in unconditional love – perhaps with a parent, grandparent, good friend, mentor or favorite pet. Allow yourself to bathe in that feeling of being held in unconditional love and compassion. This feeling is the foundation of Metta.

Begin to offer the Metta phrases to yourself for a few rounds:

  • May I be happy.
  • May I be peaceful.
  • May I be free of suffering.
  • May I have ease of well-being. 

When you feel ready, begin to invite an image of Mother Earth into your mind.  This may be by imagining holding the whole earth in your mind’s eye or in your hands; or by simply going to one of your favorite places in nature and connecting there with Mother Earth.  Once again, take a few moment to cultivate that feeling of loving-kindness and compassion and then begin to offer Metta to Mother Earth by enveloping her in these heart qualities.  When you feel ready, move on to offering the phrases to Mother Earth:

  • May you be happy.
  • May y0u be peaceful.
  • May you be free of suffering.
  • May you have ease of well-being.

Spend as long as you feel to practicing Metta for Mother Earth.  When you feel ready to move on, let her image go and return to your heart center.  Spend a few moments allowing yourself to open your heart to receive love and deepen your experience of the sacred space within your being.

Sometimes offering Metta to a larger entity or group is challenging – this is something we explore during May Is For Metta as we work with the category of All Beings.  If you find this is the case or if your wish to practice even further, you may wish to choose certain categories to work with such as:

  • All Our Animals
  • All Our Plants
  • All Our Waters
  • All Our Stones
  • All Our Winged Ones – Birds, Bees, Butterflies, etc.

Also, you can choose a specific tree, rock, stream, etc. that you feel connected to as a representation of Mother Earth.  Feel free to explore practicing in various ways.  You may wish to do this as part of a sitting practice or as you move about your day; and it doesn’t just have to happen today on Earth Day, it’s a wonderful way to connect everyday!

One of my favorite practices when I lived in New York City was to offer Metta to the trees I passed on the street as I walked.  This helped me to connect to nature in the big city and I believe it helped the trees, too, in some way that cannot be defined.  Today is a wonderful today to take your practice out into the world to celebrate Mother Earth and to connect more deeply with our natural world.  Happy Earth Day!

Tashi Deleh!

I honor the greatness within you!

P.S. You are invited to join us in May Is For Metta 2015: 31 Days Of Loving-kindness Meditation, a virtual gathering that happens here on HOA from May 1st to 31st each year. #MIFM2015

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