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Poem Of The Week: Halloween Night By Beth Terrence

Happy Halloween

Halloween Night

by Beth Terrence


Winds blow wildly on this fall night

Leaves glisten in supernatural light

Spirits soar and witches fly

In the eerie Halloween night sky


Darkness foretells autumn’s end

Inviting its chilly winter friend

Ancient stones call it New Year’s Day

From times of living a pagan’s way


Fairies and goblins fill the air

Frightening children with a scare

The dead come home to see their kin

Sit by the fire and warm their skin


We mask ourselves in costumes all night

To hide our souls and dwell in the light

Bonfires glow and show us the key

Divining our fortune and destiny


Trick or treat

Candies and sweets

Jack-o-lantern blues

We parade and dance and party until

The saints come marching through

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