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Poem Of The Week: Some Days By Beth Terrence


I was feeling to include some original poems in the Poem Of The Week post and had one in mind for this week but as I sat down, I saw Lessons From Salmon in the Top Posts.  It is consistently one of the most visited posts on The Heart Of  Awakening Blog and it features a poem I wrote many years ago that was the inspiration for the post.  Here’s the poem:

Some days
I flow with the river
Like a rainbow trout
Others days I thrash and flail
Like a salmon
Desperately trying to get back upstream
Not even knowing what I struggle for

I learned a lot about life and struggle since I wrote that poem close to 20 years ago.  You can read more about those explorations as well as some of the messages Salmon can bring as an Animal Totem in Lessons From Salmon: A New View On Struggle.  There is also a followup poem I wrote at the end of that post.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts and reflections and any insights on struggle you may wish to share.  Have a beautiful day.


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