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Poem Of The Week: Sunflowers By Vince Coates

Original Artwork by Vince Coates
Original Artwork by Vince Coates


Sunflowers are not just the flowers that
grow so tall and turn so vibrantly yellow 
each Summer.

This is what many think.

Yes, this is what they see.

I see these also, just now I also
see them in a different way..

As I grow , I see special
people in my life also as Sunflowers.

My Special Sunflower People.

The people who radiate smiles, that
radiate warmth and affection in all
weather, all times of the year and even
at night when even the real Sun is sleeping.

My special sunflower friends and loved
ones, so bright so cheerful no matter
what colors they are wearing. Some
just don’t want to be accused of wearing 
the same color each day.

I still let them know, to me, they are my
favorite, most beautiful sunflowers and then 
their most vibrant yellow color appears again and 
they stand so tall in the Sun and also back in my life 

Long ago, Van Gogh, painted , “Sunflowers”.

Today, it is me, thinking of what these beautiful
flowers and lovely people mean to me.



I am excited to be sharing this poem by my friend, artist and writer Vince Coates.  Vince lives in Frederick, MD.  He is what I would call a prolific artist and an all around inspiring being.  I always find insight and inspiration from experiencing his paintings, sculptures and poetry.  He was kind enough to tag me as a “Sunflower” on Facebook when he shared this poem and I love how it speaks to the beauty of relationship and how much sunshine they bring to our lives.  Also, I am just a huge fan of sunflowers themselves and of course, Van Gogh, so this poem spoke to me on many levels.  I hope you enjoy it, too.  You can learn more about Vince and see a gallery of his artwork by visiting his website,

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