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The Power Of Gratitude

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One of the beautiful things about blogging is all of the unexpected connections that emerge and the heart-felt interactions that occur.  I had one of those happen this week when I shared my post, 30 Gratitude Quotes To Inspire You!, on Facebook.  I shared the post on the Heal My Voice Facebook Page and someone saw it and was inspired to write a story on Gratitude.  He shared that story with me and it turns out it is a story of Recovery as well.  The beauty of it is that I am currently facilitating a pilot project for Heal My Voice at Chrysalis House, which is an innovative addictions treatment program for women and their children.  Part of my inspiration in exploring Gratitude practice is that it is one I bring into my weekly writing circle at Chrysalis House.  I have found that it has a tremendous impact on the group and can help to shift the energy from negativity to positivity, discouragement to hope, and frustration to contentment.  This is the Power Of Gratitude!

The story I mentioned was written by Brian Bender on his blog, Your Humble Farmer.  It is a story of Gratitude and of Recovery, too.  One of the foundations of 12 Step Recovery Programs is to come together to share experiences, strength, and hope to encourage others in their recovery.  This is the kind of message that we can all utilize and bring into our relationships and our interactions with others.  Sharing our Gratitude is a way to do this.  There are times we may need to be “lifted up” and times we may be able to “lift up” others.  I have found that practicing Gratitude can create a powerful shift of energy and emotions and can also help to inspire hope when it is needed.

Here is Brian’s story, You Can Borrow My 10 Until You Have 10 Of Your Own.  I hope this beautiful story of Gratitude inspires you to practice and share Gratitude, too!

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts or reflections, and be sure to stop by and share your comments on Brian’s blog, Your Humble Farmer, too.

If you’d like to learn more about the Heal My Voice Chrysalis House Project or make a donation to support this grassroots program, visit or feel free to contact me directly via my website,

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