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Two Guest Posts & Some Big News…

Believe or not, I am doing a lot of writing lately even though I haven’t been very present on The Heart Of Awakening Blog.  Just know, Spring is coming and I am birthing a lot of new posts for HOA! So stay tuned!

The Big News… is that I am working actively to create the first May Is For Metta book that will carry the program we do here each May on HOA off the web and onto the page!  This is a project I have been working on for sometime and 2015 is the year it is coming together.  So stay tuned!

Also, I have been doing quite a bit of guest blogging.  I have two posts from this week I’d like to share.

One is from the Gently Moving Forward created by Kathleen Nelson Troyer, an amazing coach and mentor; she is also a dear friend!  Kat invited a number of guests to come share this month on the topic of  “Be The Love”, so there are lots of great posts to explore.  My post is called, “What Better Time Than Now!” and is on guess what?  One of our most favored topics here on HOA – Loving Ourselves! Are you willing to embrace all of “you” with love and compassion? 

I was also asked to join a group of 17 shaman in answering the following question on Sarah Petruno’s Shamanism blog:

“What tip would you give for leading a more sacred, enlightened life?” 

Here’s my response and be sure to read the full post as there are lots of great tips to explore!


This Spring look forward to some new posts on Transformation & Healing, Seasonal Well-being, Bach Flower Remedies, Meditation & Mindfulness, Shamanism and more!

Love & light,


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