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Woman Talk Live 5 Interview


I am thrilled to have been featured this week on Ann Quasaman’s WomanTalkLive 5 Segment.  The mission of WomanTalkLive is “to give women everywhere a bigger voice and a platform for growing, celebrating and living more fully.”  This segment includes five provocative questions answered by an inspiring and fabulous woman – a woman with something to say.  What an honor to be included!

I found all of the questions to be not just thought-provoking but soul-searching.  Here are two of the questions and my answers:

What are you most conscious of today?

I really see life on earth as a school. We come to learn and grow; this is the journey of our lifetime. We may be trying to get somewhere or achieve certain goals we have set for ourselves, but often life has its own ideas. I try to stay very conscious of the need to be open and willing in each moment — to surrender to the path of life as it unfolds. Even if it is totally different from what I may have envisioned, the present moment is where the true blessings of this life are to be found.

What part of you have you yet to give voice to?

I am still working to give voice to aspects of my inner children. Healing from the trauma of growing up in a family with mental illness and addiction has been a big part of my journey.  Ultimately, it led me to my path as a shaman, healer and recovery coach.  Today, I find there is more that my inner ones need to say.  I see this as part of the spiral of healing. Loving and accepting oneself is, in my view, the key to change and healing ~ as I deepen in this, more of my voice is able to flow!

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